Hard Work Paying Off

What would you do if you got a raise at work? Celebrate no doubt. I was so excited that I didn’t do anything at first. I just reveled in my good luck. Wait! Luck didn’t have anything to do with it. It was hard work that had paid off. I was appreciative of the fact that my boss had noticed. Sometimes you do your job well just for yourself, and sometimes you have an angle in mind—a promotion or raise. It just happened at the right time as I was poised for some much-needed career advancement.

I waited a couple of days to let the raise sink in, and then I bought a Stuhrling Legacy watch as a gift to myself. It is an attractive and simple watch ideal for dress rather than sports. It has a round white faced trimmed in gold and an old-school brown leather strap. It is retro to be sure but has a lot of style. It is automatic and the mechanism shows through the front of the watch. Black Roman numerous decorate the face as well as gold hands. Many Sturhrling watches are sportier, but this one was really different. It is subtle and not flashy in spite of the silver textured dial, something I like. I didn’t want a typical bracelet design so the Legacy seemed the right choice. No blatant diver’s watch for me. I am happy to wear it on a daily basis, never flashing it for attention. I don’t need recognition of my good taste. I keep that to myself.

I am so jazzed that I have to give you some more of the specifications. It has a 42mm stainless-steel gold-tone round case with a shatter-resistant crystal dial window. That is the basic description. Did I mention that it is water resistant to 165 feet and has automatic movement with analog display. Automatic simply means that the watch does not operate with batteries and it doesn’t need to be wound. It is powered by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. You have to set it up the first time by turning the crown clockwise for about 20-30 full turns. Then you are ready to go thereafter. It is ideal to wear the watch at least eight hours a day to keep it functioning optimally. This is true of most automatic watches.

I felt like strutting when I put on this elegant watch. While it is a bit of a throwback, it is classic and timeless. Wearing it says that I am an individual not given to mimicking trends. I don’t have to be a slave to fashion and I call my own shots. It is a great memento to my hard work on the job and the respect I have earned that resulted in a welcome raise. At my company, these are not given out freely, so I consider myself privileged and lucky. I felt like showing the watch off to colleagues, but thought better of it after a while. I just sit at my desk and privately glance at my wrist. At such times, people will see me smile.

Protesters with a Sense of Humor

As a citizen, it is your right to protest and to make your views known. Lord knows, there is plenty to gripe about these days. The hallmark of a democratic society is the existence of grass roots organizations. There are as many of them as there are issues. We certainly don’t agree with them all. Some have grown in stature and importance like the Republican offshoot of the tea party. It is now a fundamental part of politics with a lot of clout. Meanwhile other groups keep plugging away at their cause. It is hard to keep up with them all, but they have ways of calling attention to themselves.

For example, there is one sector of an independent party that wants to make public what they feel is the government flip-flopping their position on an issue. It has to do with corporate controls of waste dumping. Laws were proposed but never passed. It was a great disappointment. So the group started an online campaign to have people mail some cheap flip flops to their representatives in congress. While it is inherently quite funny, they were serious about their cause. They did get a pretty good response and over fifty pairs are said to have been received. The media was ecstatic. They had amusing photos of the congressmen holding the beach shoes exhibiting smirky grins. The press shad a field day with this one. Other groups will have to think long and hard to top this antic. These protestors certainly had a sense of humor. It just goes to show you what a little ingenuity will do. You can write manifestos, you can give speeches, and you can mount conventional protests with posters and signs.

One of the great things about this country is the ability to freely protest whenever you want. No matter who agrees or doesn’t agree with your cause. Of course, protest is a way to garner supporters who are first learning about the issues. Protesters can also write petitions and gain followers on the Internet. There are many ways to exercise your rights. There are several sites underway now to circulate petitions and ask for donations. What better way for grassroots organizations to open a dialogue with the public. Anyone can start a petition and its success will reflect the value and timeliness of the cause. Some issues are national and some are local. Those that affect a multitude of people will find support. I have yet to see a petition as clever as the flip flop campaign. It is amazing how many people jumped right on that bandwagon. The congressmen were good sports and accepted the gesture with some humility. No one is reported to have made overly snide remarks to the press. I think it would not have served them well from a public relations perspective.

So if you have a cause you are itching to promote, keep this story in mind and get creative.

Kids, Practice those Speeches!

Debates are a fundamental part of American politics, a tradition if you will. Sometimes they are under the glaring light of public scrutiny, as they should be. They should help us make better decisions about our candidate of choice. We are in the midst of them right now during the presidential primaries. We have had our fill to date. We hope that kids are taking note of the process and are internalizing what is inherent in the system that is positive to help prepare them as future citizens of the republic. The debates get a lot of media attention and analysis and this helps kids focus on what is valuable in all the verbiage and why should they care. It is all about exposing views and values to the clear light of day.

There are many lessons to learn, not the least of which is how a debate is conducted with views aired on all sides of a given question. A great school exercise if for them to create their own versions, not necessarily on the candidates, but on any topic. Why not make it practical. In my home, I need to buy a new air purifier for a large family room. I assigned the task of selecting the best ones to the whole family so they could look at pros and cons. It would show them that a debate is much more than a political strategy but that the concepts can be applied to any matter at hand. We decided to debate the Austin model since it is on our list of top brands.

The kids started with learning the basics. The Austin Air HealthMate Jr provides 4 stages of intense filtration to rid air of the allergens, bacteria, viruses, odors, smoke, and chemical vapors that assail us every day. Built with over 30 square feet of True HEPA filter media, and 6.5 lbs. of granular, activated carbon/zeolite, the HealthMate Jr. significantly improves air quality in small to medium-size rooms, providing relief for allergy and asthma sufferers. Long-life HEPA saves on filter replacements.  Casters are optionally available.

Having absorbed the basic specifications, the k ids decided to debate the HEPA filter. While on the pro side it is efficient and effective and has a long life, on the con, it does need replacement from time to time adding to the total air purifier cost. Also on the con side, some HEPA air-purifier models use an electrostatic precipitator remove pollutant particles by charging them as they pass through and collecting them on an oppositely charged metal plate or filter. In the process, they produce some ozone as a byproduct. This is considered undesirable and unhealthy. And they might soil the walls by depositing some pollutant particles on them.

The debate praised the Austin, but also revealed some flaws. It showed that nothing is perfect and that you have to make choices based on the lesser of a few evils. At least, after a debate, you have more clarity about the topic, as with the presidential candidates where we perhaps knew more than we cared to or thought possible.

Guns and Politics

Whatever your position on gun law and the right to bear arms, you cannot deny that safety is paramount. You have to step aside from your views for a moment and see the reality of what exists by law. Hence today’s blog will focus on Winchester gun safes. Owning a firearm entails housing it securely so that accidents don’t happen. The politics of owning a gun are complicated and certainly the topic of many a blog. There are reasons to accept the dictates of the Bill of Rights while there are reasons to hope for a change in policy to protect people from rampant violence. There is always the issue of whether or not tighter gun laws will prevent acts of terrorism and needless killing. It is often said that people will find a way to own a gun whether or not it is legal. How do you feel on the subject?

In many states, a receptacle is required for a gun whether it is a kind of holster when carrying the weapon or a safe or metal box when stored at home. In some cases only, an individual may use a gun for hunting, at a shooting range, or while camping without the need for housing. I have selected the Winchester safe as it is a known quality brand that most people recognize. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one of your choice, depending upon the number of firearms that must fit in the safe and its placement in an office, shop, or home.

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company goes back to 1866, founded by Oliver Winchester himself. The famous model 1866 rifle comes immediately to mind— “the gun that won the West.” Over a century and a half later, it is a standard in the weapons industry. They make firearms, ammunition, large gun safes, and smaller handgun and pistol safes. Selecting one of their units means you can’t go wrong. Granite Security Products, Inc. is now the parent company of this industry leader.

Let’s look at a typical safe from the Ranger Series, the R45 Deluxe 1 Hour Fire Safe/51 Gun Safe as it will serve as an example of the quality and reliability of the product. Customers can choose various options with a Winchester, and this model has the most wanted. First of all, it has a 12-gauge body construction, a very sturdy recommended size. It also has a mechanical or electronic lock available, a good feature since there are pros and cons for each type. Next, it has door panel organization, three layers of fireboard in the door, and two layers in the body. Fire worries are over! Plus, there are heat expandable door seals that also secure your assets from the flames.

The safe is also more than acceptable as a deterrent against burglary and unwanted access in that it has 3-way active bolt work, 4 sides of bolts, solid steel 1 ¼” diameter locking bolts, and an auxiliary relocker. Pretty impressive. This is a large safe that can hold 51 long rifles and it sells for $1,800. You can go up or down from here.

Given the necessity for a gun safe by law, any discussion of firearms should focus on security and protection. Again, whether you are for or against the current gun laws, these considerations are paramount.

Make Your Candidate Look Good

Not every American cares about politics enough to actually campaign for anyone, and that means one thing for the people that it does matter to: they have to work harder to get people to pay attention and motivate them to vote. Lots of people think these “smaller” elections—comptrollers, sheriffs, mayors, governors, and even members of Congress—don’t have much bearing on anything, which is categorically untrue. If there is an election for public office in any capacity, these people WILL actually be representing you in some way and you should pay attention.

So, my political-minded friends, what can you do to increase attention to these small, albeit still important, elections, and how do you steer focus toward the candidate you want to win? There are some obvious choices: if you have the money and are part of a PAC or something, you can get billboards, commercial air time, or radio spots, which will expose readers and viewers to the fact that there is an election and this very qualified person is running for a specific office. But that kind of money isn’t always feasible.

Luckily, though, there are some other ways to get the word out. Signs are a much more cost-effective attention grabber. Whether you put them on supporters’ lawns, street corners, or anywhere else that it is legal to do so, you can catch the eye of potential voters. If you go this route, there are a few things that you absolutely need to keep in mind:

  1. As I mentioned, you can only place these signs in legal locations. Putting signs on random stranger’s lawns so they see them first thing Sunday morning when going out for the paper is not going to help your candidate—it will just annoy the people you are trying to persuade. Likewise, signs that you post in illegal locations will likely be removed very quickly. This means that you will have lost the time you spent making the signs and putting them up, not to mention the money spent on materials. So don’t do it. All you accomplish is wasting money and time, and you make your candidate look bad.
  2. Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, but at the same time, are you going to respect a candidate whose sign says, “Vote Lewis for Cangress”? This might be the first time people are “meeting” your candidate. The last thing you need is to unintentionally make them look like an idiot.
  3. Once you know what you’re going to say and it has been proofread, have the capability to mass-produce signs. I usually use a hvlp paint sprayer and a stencil. This allows me the freedom to do whatever I want in any color I want. I create the slogan I want to use, make a stencil using a craft knife, and then put it on my desired material. With a quick pass from the paint sprayer, I get the exact same sign every time. It is an excellent and fairly cheap form of quality control. I can also save the stencil for future use—maybe the candidate wins the election and wants to run again in the future. I have found this is cheaper than getting signs printed in the long run. I also like this option because if I am going to a rally where there will be television crews, I can swap out signs from people who failed at step 2 above and give them something that is professional quality and reads correctly. Usually, if you do this politely, people will have no problem with it, so be gentle when doing so.
  4. Hand them out at campaign headquarters, even if campaign headquarters is your home. Get them into the hands of like-minded people who support your candidate and let them spread like wildfire.
  5. This is incredibly important: after the election is over, regardless of the outcome, COLLECT ALL THE SIGNS. Recycle them, toss them, save them to reuse next time; whatever you have to do to get them out of the public eye, you need to do. It shows people that you care and are responsible.

I wish you good luck!

Campaigning for Your Candidate

Participating in American politics is a noble calling in my book. It is not something to give lip service to and forget about. You have to do something concrete and active to keep the system alive. It is wise to teach children the importance of elections and the democratic way of life when they are young. We can then replenish the constituencies who care about current issues and legislation on the table. One way to get their attention (from grade school through high school) is to have them help in a campaign for your favorite local candidate.

There is a lot of excitement hanging in the air at the candidate’s headquarters. People love the buzz. Kids can volunteer to man the phones, clean up after the volunteers come in, make coffee, or put up banners and posters in the immediate vicinity. Just give them a staple gun and let them loose. They love to meet important visitors and be part of the hundreds of selfies taken all day long. It is a very basic and simple way of making the introduction to real American politics on the smallest scale on up. They will learn to associate tasks with issues in the long run. They will see how grass roots concepts start and develop and how mainstream campaigns are conducted.

I am advocating perpetuating the system in this blog, of course, by starting with your children and those of your friends and neighbors. Kids can go door to door with flyers and to ask permission to put up lawn signs. Politics is not just an intellectual pursuit that is reserved for mere discussion and argument. It is very down to earth and tangible. Plus, there is nothing so exciting as election eve and waiting with fellow supporters for the returns to come in. Win or lose, it will be a memorable night.

There is a lot to be learned as you can see for people of any age, especially if it is their first time in the trenches. The camaraderie built by volunteers at headquarters and polling stations is infectious. People will want to come back for the next election and may become committed for life. They will never “forget” to vote again. Kids can learn to explain candidates’ positions to others, thus enhancing their communication skills and social aptitudes. They will become the voters of tomorrow. Plus, they will learn to care about their country’s future and how what is done at home or in Washington can impact their lives.

So start small and buy some staple guns. Then invite the youth of your region through their after school programs to join your campaign. Use an organizer who likes kids to lead the way and help these young volunteers find their footing. Children are impressionable and an experience of this kind can make a huge difference in building good citizens of the future. Getting involved in a political campaign should help kids earn extra credit in school as a kind of hands-on civics class. Talk to local teachers and spread the word.

Election Night Insomnia

There is nothing as exciting as election night, local or national: it is electric. You wait and wait and wait for the inevitable returns. You are into it! You get anxious when the tallies are close and winning is in sight. Anyone into politics goes through this regularly every couple of years. I actually get wound up days before and the eve of the election is the worst. I toss and turn in my bed thinking about the exit polls and what is in store. I want my candidate to prevail, but I go through all kinds of machinations thinking about the reverse.

You can think “what if” until you drop off into slumber land. If the wrong person wins, how does it affect your life? In many cases, it doesn’t much matter, but in others it is vital. Your issues of concern have to be met. It doesn’t just apply to the main jobs of mayor, president, congressman, etc., however, as there are always propositions and bonds to consider. Some of them like gay marriage are landmark decisions.

American politics can be a way of life for some, whether you are a volunteer or just an ardent participant. It is a civic duty that unfortunately many avoid. I can never understand the negligence. Nonetheless, I am doing my part and staying up late to watch the returns. That could be through the night. If I drink a lot of coffee, it is understandably hard to fall asleep come dawn.

We all have our methods of getting back to a nighttime routine. I don’t like to mess with Mother Nature, but sometimes insomnia takes its toll and a pill or two is advised. Nothing heavy duty, mind you, just an over-the-counter gentle and safe sleep aid that is not addictive. The ingredients don’t usually cause allergic reactions or drug interactions with prescription medications. You can even take the antihistamine Benadryl to fall quickly to sleep. Otherwise Nyquil will do just fine. There are a few others with similar ingredients. Just read the label.

Regular or true insomniacs have a different problem. They may have a real sleep disorder. Or perhaps it’s caused by a problem with their bed being too firm or soft, or not finding the right pillow. With election night, however, I am just keyed up. It’s like the night before as I mentioned. Two or three days of a little extra help is all I need to get back to normal once again. It is good to keep your favorite on hand so you don’t have to find an all-night drugstore.

Deep, restorative sleep is a blessing every night. Many tout natural and homemade remedies along with teas, milk, etc. I love one I found online called Dr. Parsley’s sleep cocktail. This is for real. He invented it for Navy SEALS and others experiencing modern western life who find themselves in a toxic environment of heavy stress and processed foods that inhibit natural sleep. Insufficient sleep results. With this special potion, you wake up rested and in a better mood. Who wouldn’t want that!

The best sleep remedies don’t “trick” the body like prescription medication that can force a response. I am not sure how they work, but it is more subtle. Often there is L-tryptophan involved and a bit of melatonin. I would suggest trying a few and assessing your response.

Realities of American Politics


Many Europeans are surprised to discover that the mainstream American left is fairly centrist by global standards, and the mainstream American right is very far-right indeed by global standards. Democrats get painted as extreme leftists by their rivals, but Democrats rarely argue for anything that could be regarded as socialist in any way. Conservatives will regularly argue against most forms of collectivist efforts in favor of a very extreme sort of individualism. Their arguments in favor of the wealthy more or less completely holding onto their wealth has always made it clear what they prioritize and who they prioritize.

The idea that taxation is inherently bad is woven right into American culture. American children are raised with memories of the Patriots saying ‘no taxation without representation.’ The War for American Independence tends to be glamorized in the history classes of young Americans, which is often how it starts. Switching out of that mindset as an adult is tricky, especially since the idea that taxes are a burden is all over American culture.

America’s social programs suffer as a result, as does the sense that America is a nation in the first place and not merely a collection of autonomous individuals that happen to be ignoring one another most of the time anyway. Many Americans feel disconnected from one another in a society that tends to favor rugged individualism, for better or for worse. This sense of disconnection only gets worse when election season approaches and Americans are pitted against one another in what is always framed as a battle for domination.

Many American problems could be solved if more Americans had a greater sense of society. The fact that many Americans tend to internalize conservative rhetoric, regardless of their exact political affiliation, has helped the right-wing dominate in the United States, pushing the Democratic party to the center in the process.


Campaign Costs in Perspective

The American elections of 2014 cost 3.7 billion dollars. This certainly seems like a lot of money, although given the scale; it isn’t as high as it sounds even in isolation. However, Americans spent an astonishing seventy-eight billion dollars on lottery tickets in the exact same year, which easily makes the cost of the elections seem trivial by comparison. Movies cost Americans 10.9 billion dollars in 2014. Some people might take this as a sign that American culture simply isn’t political enough, and that Americans need to spend more time focusing on politics and less time focusing on the entertainment that they use in order to escape into an alternate reality.

However, what these figures truly demonstrate is the simple fact that political elections in America are expensive, but not as expensive as they could be and not as expensive as they would have to be in order to make campaign finance reform the most important issue in American politics. The election for the President of the United States is still very important, and political elections are only going to happen every so often even in a democracy. People might disagree on how much anyone should spend on this sort of thing, but most people are still going to agree that the elections are more important than lottery tickets.

Really, one of the primary concerns here is the fact that presidents are automatically going to have to be wealthy individuals, with or without campaign contributions. However, this has more or less always been the case in American politics, even before the days of a mass media or all of the other factors that have made this problem so tremendous today.

The 2016 campaigns are promising to be some of the most expensive ones on record. Campaign finance reform is certainly an important issue for people to talk about, and it does certainly raise some interesting dilemmas for all of the people involved with American society. However, much like public debt is an important issue that gets too much exposure, campaign finance reform is an issue that tends to overshadow some of the more important matters that should be on the table. Campaign finance reform needs to be discussed, as does public debt. However, private debt is still more important.

There is No American Third Party


It can be difficult for many people in other countries to appreciate just how difficult it is to be a third-party candidate in the United States. The United Kingdom has three viable political parties, and many other countries have a similar situation. Some of their more minor political parties might get a few seats from time to time, but they at least have three solid political parties. America has a two-party system that is so thoroughly entrenched that people widely acknowledge that voting for a third-party candidate is tantamount to throwing a vote away entirely.

Most of the most successful third-party candidates in American history got ahead prior to the twentieth century entirely, which is arguably not even a fair comparison. American political parties as they are known today weren’t established until relatively recently. The situation was much messier prior to the twentieth century, and even then, it took some time for everything to fall into place. As an illustration, the Democratic Party was once the conservative party in the United States, and the Republican Party was the progressive party largely formed around anti-slavery. The Democratic Part of today and the Republican Party of today are unrecognizable now.

Many third parties in the United States run knowing full well that they have no intention of actually succeeding in the election. They do this in order to draw attention to the political causes that they represent. The party that’s all about promoting the cause of digital piracy is not expecting to have major government influence. This political party is simply trying to make the sort of splash that will allow their cause to have the influence that they probably will never have personally.

The main criticism of these sorts of third parties is the simple fact that many people argue that they take votes away from the main political parties. The people who vote for the socialist candidates would have voted Democratic otherwise, supposedly. The people who vote for the Libertarian party would have voted for the Republican party otherwise, once again, supposedly. Some people scoff at this argument, saying that many of the people who voted for these parties are the sorts of single-issue voters who just would have stayed home otherwise. This will certainly be the case for plenty of them. However, the question of whether staying home would have been better than voting for a third-party candidate is a question that is worth addressing.

Some people might say that it is more important to vote for a third-party candidate, because it gives politicians a sense of how the American people are thinking and how American thought is taking shape at any given time. In a year in which more Americans voted for the socialist candidate, it is more clear that society is becoming more left-wing, which is important for politicians to know in the first place. It is also important for the American people themselves to know, since some of the people with fringe beliefs may feel as if they are alone, even though many people voted for the same candidates that they favored.

There is still some value in voting for a third-party candidate, as long as you do it with the knowledge that you are changing the culture in a more overarching way rather than a specific way, and you should never decide on a third-party candidate when you were planning on going with the candidate that was more likely to actually win.

Are American Political Campaigns Too Expensive?


Some people might argue that the way to get around the fact that wealthy people control political elections is to institute limits and caps on how much candidates can spend on their elections. It is possible that these measures could constitute part of the solution, but it is important to keep the costs of American political elections in perspective, since the cost might be exaggerated in some circles.

Many politicians make a big deal about government debt, for instance, talking about the horrors of national debt and all of the austere measures that are needed in order to combat these problems. However, it should be noted that national and public debt has always had a very minimal effect on the actual economy, even if it does have an effect on the country in its own right.

The more important factor when it comes to debt has always been private debt. People in too much private debt are not going to spend money on the goods and services that will actually cause the economy to expand. This situation encourages wealthy people to hoard away their money for the sake of a rainy day, and it causes poor people to suffer even more in their pursuit of basic necessities. The Great Depression, the Great Recession, and the bad economies that followed both the American Civil War and the final days of the Cold War are all united in the fact that private debt was on the rise. Public debt always had a negligible effect on what was going on at the time.

The situation with campaign finance reform is not directly comparable to the situation involving public and private debt, of course, but the parallel exists in terms of the way in which these issues tend to get framed in American political discourse. Liberals and conservatives alike will all talk about the horrors of public debt, and they will usually start debating about the best ways in which to remedy the situation. The idea that they should be focusing on private debt instead tends to get lost in the discussions that devolve into the eternal debate over raising taxes or supporting big business. Both parties are united in denouncing expensive political campaigns in a way that is unlikely to achieve real results, but they do not always have coherent or accurate thoughts on the subject.

The True Cost of Election Campaigns

Complaining about how it costs much too much to run for the position of the President of the United States has become commonplace in American politics. Oddly enough, concerns about campaign contributions seem to cross party lines quite a bit. Libertarian conservatives complain about campaign contributions quite a bit, in fact, since it ties into their concerns about big government in general. Liberals complain about campaign contributions because they’re worried that these contributions are going to bias the election in such a way that the candidates that the people really want are never even going to have a chance. Conservatives tend to dislike campaign contributions for similar reasons.

Really, the people who are in favor of campaign contributions tend to be the politicians themselves, which should surprise no one, and the people who actually contribute the money in the first place. Indeed, therein lies the problem. Political elections in the United States are ruinously expensive. However, these elections are essentially funded by 0.2 percent of the American population. The success of a presidential election campaign and the quality of that campaign will make all the difference in terms of the outcomes for American politics. The best candidate for the job will still lose if he or she conducts a presidential election campaign that pales in comparison to the campaign of his or her competitor. People should never underestimate just how important presidential campaigns really are. The fact that they are controlled by such a tiny elite is the real cause for alarm, and not the fact that this tiny elite spends such a huge amount of money.

Really, it should be noted that money is all relative, as is the concept of what is and is not expensive. Elections in 2014 cost 3.7 billion dollars. However, these elections were primarily funded by wealthy individuals. A lot of people will make political contributions that are below two hundred dollars, and these contributions don’t even get itemized. However, there are plenty of wealthy people who will make political contributions that are so large they manage to more or less cancel out the political contributions of thousands of people on the other side. The contributions of the wealthy people in this process are the ones that are ultimately going to make the biggest difference in this case.

Politicians will specifically try to court wealthy campaign contributors. They know that persuading one rich person to give them millions of dollars is going to go further than persuading a million people to give them a proverbial dollar, and it is much more likely to happen. Unsurprisingly, most of these wealthy donors are only going to want to fund the candidates that serve their political interests correctly. Some wealthy people are liberals who use their money in order to finance the progressive candidates. Many more wealthy people are conservatives who are interested in holding onto what they have at all costs.

These wealthy donors would rather give eight million dollars to fund the campaign of a conservative candidate than give that same eight million dollars to the poor, even if their ultimate reward for getting the conservative elected is only going to involve maintaining their financial assets the way they are. Some of these actions are more or less going to trump practicality. Many wealthy people simply have a strong desire to maintain a certain political climate, knowing that too many changes to the political climate could influence the ways in which they are forced to conduct themselves in business.

It is true that plenty of less wealthy people will still make campaign contributions, but these are a drop in the bucket compared to the donations that individual wealthy families will make, let alone to donations that their circles at large are going to make. Incidentally, giving only around two hundred dollars to a campaign doesn’t really make you that much of a stakeholder, which is ultimately what the problem is here.

It has been said that the wealthy control American society, given that this tiny percentage of the population manages to command a huge portion of the wealth. They also control society by determining the course of elections. The poor, the middle class, and the upper middle class outnumber the very wealthy, and they could certainly get ahead by the numbers if they used their strength in numbers more. However, a tiny group of individuals still manages to gain influence in American society nonetheless.