Election Night Insomnia

There is nothing as exciting as election night, local or national: it is electric. You wait and wait and wait for the inevitable returns. You are into it! You get anxious when the tallies are close and winning is in sight. Anyone into politics goes through this regularly every couple of years. I actually get wound up days before and the eve of the election is the worst. I toss and turn in my bed thinking about the exit polls and what is in store. I want my candidate to prevail, but I go through all kinds of machinations thinking about the reverse.

You can think “what if” until you drop off into slumber land. If the wrong person wins, how does it affect your life? In many cases, it doesn’t much matter, but in others it is vital. Your issues of concern have to be met. It doesn’t just apply to the main jobs of mayor, president, congressman, etc., however, as there are always propositions and bonds to consider. Some of them like gay marriage are landmark decisions.

American politics can be a way of life for some, whether you are a volunteer or just an ardent participant. It is a civic duty that unfortunately many avoid. I can never understand the negligence. Nonetheless, I am doing my part and staying up late to watch the returns. That could be through the night. If I drink a lot of coffee, it is understandably hard to fall asleep come dawn.

We all have our methods of getting back to a nighttime routine. I don’t like to mess with Mother Nature, but sometimes insomnia takes its toll and a pill or two is advised. Nothing heavy duty, mind you, just an over-the-counter gentle and safe sleep aid that is not addictive. The ingredients don’t usually cause allergic reactions or drug interactions with prescription medications. You can even take the antihistamine Benadryl to fall quickly to sleep. Otherwise Nyquil will do just fine. There are a few others with similar ingredients. Just read the label.

Regular or true insomniacs have a different problem. They may have a real sleep disorder. Or perhaps it’s caused by a problem with their bed being too firm or soft, or not finding the right pillow. With election night, however, I am just keyed up. It’s like the night before as I mentioned. Two or three days of a little extra help is all I need to get back to normal once again. It is good to keep your favorite on hand so you don’t have to find an all-night drugstore.

Deep, restorative sleep is a blessing every night. Many tout natural and homemade remedies along with teas, milk, etc. I love one I found online called Dr. Parsley’s sleep cocktail. This is for real. He invented it for Navy SEALS and others experiencing modern western life who find themselves in a toxic environment of heavy stress and processed foods that inhibit natural sleep. Insufficient sleep results. With this special potion, you wake up rested and in a better mood. Who wouldn’t want that!

The best sleep remedies don’t “trick” the body like prescription medication that can force a response. I am not sure how they work, but it is more subtle. Often there is L-tryptophan involved and a bit of melatonin. I would suggest trying a few and assessing your response.