Guns and Politics

Whatever your position on gun law and the right to bear arms, you cannot deny that safety is paramount. You have to step aside from your views for a moment and see the reality of what exists by law. Hence today’s blog will focus on Winchester gun safes. Owning a firearm entails housing it securely so that accidents don’t happen. The politics of owning a gun are complicated and certainly the topic of many a blog. There are reasons to accept the dictates of the Bill of Rights while there are reasons to hope for a change in policy to protect people from rampant violence. There is always the issue of whether or not tighter gun laws will prevent acts of terrorism and needless killing. It is often said that people will find a way to own a gun whether or not it is legal. How do you feel on the subject?

In many states, a receptacle is required for a gun whether it is a kind of holster when carrying the weapon or a safe or metal box when stored at home. In some cases only, an individual may use a gun for hunting, at a shooting range, or while camping without the need for housing. I have selected the Winchester safe as it is a known quality brand that most people recognize. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one of your choice, depending upon the number of firearms that must fit in the safe and its placement in an office, shop, or home.

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company goes back to 1866, founded by Oliver Winchester himself. The famous model 1866 rifle comes immediately to mind— “the gun that won the West.” Over a century and a half later, it is a standard in the weapons industry. They make firearms, ammunition, large gun safes, and smaller handgun and pistol safes. Selecting one of their units means you can’t go wrong. Granite Security Products, Inc. is now the parent company of this industry leader.

Let’s look at a typical safe from the Ranger Series, the R45 Deluxe 1 Hour Fire Safe/51 Gun Safe as it will serve as an example of the quality and reliability of the product. Customers can choose various options with a Winchester, and this model has the most wanted. First of all, it has a 12-gauge body construction, a very sturdy recommended size. It also has a mechanical or electronic lock available, a good feature since there are pros and cons for each type. Next, it has door panel organization, three layers of fireboard in the door, and two layers in the body. Fire worries are over! Plus, there are heat expandable door seals that also secure your assets from the flames.

The safe is also more than acceptable as a deterrent against burglary and unwanted access in that it has 3-way active bolt work, 4 sides of bolts, solid steel 1 ¼” diameter locking bolts, and an auxiliary relocker. Pretty impressive. This is a large safe that can hold 51 long rifles and it sells for $1,800. You can go up or down from here.

Given the necessity for a gun safe by law, any discussion of firearms should focus on security and protection. Again, whether you are for or against the current gun laws, these considerations are paramount.